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Wednesday, 6-Jun-2007 09:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Wajah2 kesayangan hamba..

muka moses dah lagi besar dari suraya
maklong & moses
lagi gambar abang hensem
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Thursday, 8-Mar-2007 15:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Roma, Italia - March 2007

my love.. there's only u in my life..
apa pandang2??
ngopi next to colosseum
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Pheww.. baru balik from Rome semalam.. Our 5 days trip were superb and yet veryyyyy tiring.. mana taknya mengangkut dua bijik cekodok tu, mak aihh.. letih!! Rome is definitely not a baby-friendly city.. they don't make the city friendly enough for babies.. Tapi yang peliknya semua orang kalau tengok Suraya & Moses sume berenti mesti cakap.. "Bella" (pretty) or "Bello" (handsome laa). Anyway, for those who has little chikidees and would like to travel to Rome, please..please bring along some friends or relatives. If you couldn't find extra helping hand I guess you just have to exclude Rome from your travelling itinerary for a while until they are fully grown up..

Untuk history enthusiasts or pencinta alam or those who appreciates art, this is definitely a place not to be missed. Memang cantik lah all the ruins peninggalan Roman empire and the basilicas were sooo great.. Kitorang ada ikut walking tour in Colosseum and Palatino best la gak guide tu cerita pasal sejarah Maximus and how powerful the Roman empire before.. No wonder lah orang2 dulu sembah berhala sebab they built it so grand dulu orang pon kurang pengetahuan agama.. mesti macam kagum nengok patung besar2 tu iye tak?? dalam church St pietro tu mak aihh lawa gila.. kitorang masuk pon baca bismillah takde niat apa2 just wanting to look at the greatness of the building and the art..

hmmm.. the best thing about rome besides the beautiful sight of the town itself, makanan italian laa apa lagi.. pizza, pasta.. sume sedap.. and their hot chocolate is so different from the normal hotchoc.. diorang buat betul pakai dark chocolate and dia melt kan aje maybe melted with butter sebab lemak and maybe some tepung or cornstarch to thicken it.. rasanye lah.. (memandai mandai jek buat recipe sendiri) but their hotchoc is totally out of this world.. memang addicted laa.. sedap gila sampai daddy migraine minom tu.. .. err.. and of course, shoppinggg.. bought myself 2 handbags and a wallet.. errr.. mak tak berniat sebenarnya nak bershopping.. (hahahha...) akan tetapi tuan2 dan puan2 memandangkan appartment yang kitorang sewa betul2 atas boutique Furla, maka dengan itewww macam berdosa lah kalau tidak menangkap barang sebijik dua handbag iye tak?? at least i can be proud of myself with my "Made in Italy" handbag and the best part of it "Bought in Italy" .. weehuuuuuu

Wednesday, 7-Feb-2007 10:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The most gorgeous girl & boy in the universe!!

Passport photo1
Passport photo2
Passport photo3
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haha.. jangan bebulu plak dengan tajuk tu.. biasala.. every parent is obsessed with their own children. kalau orang dulu2 ada digital camera pon mesti kita boleh tengok our parents' blog is filled with our faces. Anyway, couldn't go online as much. Life's pretty busy. Memandangkan Encik Moses yang sentiasa bergayut itu, so my life is practically a dairy cow now. Iye lah.. He's just 2mths old and he already weigh 6.5kg and panjang 62cm, masa lahir 50cm jek. Letihnye.. i dont know how long I could sustain to breastfeed him. Sentiasaa nak begayut.. melekatt jek. Macamana la ada orang boleh breastfeed sampai setahun.. gua respect sama lu la..

Photos above are mostly taken in Welwyn (Mak Long's place again!!) and some in London. Last week we went to London to take Moses to get his Malaysian nationality and register his passport. We took Suraya to Hamley's ( a huge 5-storey toys store in Regent Street) and Huzaimi bought me a box of Godiva to die for chocs. ( I think there is a Godiva outlet in KLIA kan?? harga macam satu bijik kecik ceklat dia berapa juta ringgit tah.. it's absolutely ridiculous la nak beli kat Malaysia unless u earn money from taxpayers like the stupid PfuckinL) When we saw the strawberries with chocolate dipping at the display window (belakon berangan2 bodoh macam Datuk K & Siti Nur jalan2 kat London.. heheeh) he stopped and asked me whether I want some. Tapi abis la plak strawberry tu..

Anyway enough about siti, the weather here had gone mad i guess. Last couple of week were cold and there were snow for 2 days, last week the sun were blazingly hot but last weekend were so foggy sampai cuak2 daddy driving. Tak nampak jalan langsung. Minggu ni sejuk but the sun is still terik. Smalam hujan.. madness!!! The weather is so miserable here. Oh tak sempat amik gambar Suraya's first snow because I kinda lost my camera for a while. Ghupe2nye thanks to cik cuyaya the camera was under the bed.. sigh.. Anyway, whether report predicts that its gonna be snow again this week.

Oklah.. among our next interesting trip is going to Rome early March, to Manchester and Leeds during Easter to take cik waya for a Thomas day out and Paris Disneyland in May.. do drop by for more wonderful pics.. tata!!

Sunday, 17-Dec-2006 11:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Moses Tariq - the latest edition of the Huzaimi's

still very much bloody.. baru keluar dari tummy mummy
Suraya (left) & Moses (right) - they look almost alike aint it??
welcome to the world..
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Life has always been so chaotic with Suraya alone and here comes Mr Moses to add in the catastrophe. Above all, my life has never felt so happy, complete and blessed. Nak go online pon dah susah. So untuk sesiapa yang hantar message online kat YM or friendster or email me yang tak berbalas tuh mintak maaf banyak2 la. I am trying to get adjusted to the graveyard shift again. Faham2 je lah with the newborn around so many things to do. Luckily my parents are here to help and thank you so much to my ever so loving husband who always understands and helpful. Alhamdulillah the labor went well and I am recovering well. Suraya jek yang couldn't stand the sight of Moses around. Kerja dia asik nak melepuk adik dia jek. Jealous benor.. Memang faham sangat pasal she was the centre of attention then and she practically melekat with me all the time so a little frustration is understood here sweetheart, tapi jangan lah hampuk kepala Moses dengan Thomas the train.. Anyway, introducing Mr Moses Tariq, the latest edition of the Huzaimi's. Born 20/11/06 at 9.13 in the morn at Norfolk&Norwich University Hospital. Lil Mo weighs 3.8kg.

Anyway I have 2 stars in my life now..
Khaireen Suraya
Khaireen means - yang penuh dengan kebaikan. Suraya means bintang yang ke 7 yang paling bersinar.
Moses Tariq
Moses berasal dari perkataan hebrew means "Son" atau dalam bahasa arab "Musa" - as in Nabi Musa. Tariq means bintang yang menyinar pada waktu subuh..

So to both of my stars...Mommy prays that both of your life will filled with all the shine and glitters from Allah..

Welcome to the family sweetiepie!!

Wednesday, 15-Nov-2006 12:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Iftars, Eid & Suraya's Birthday Party 2006

Mandi bubbles..
Nak buat janggut macam daddy
Cantik tak canggut cuyaya??
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Since dah lama tak upload gambar2 ni, to those who drop by this page I would like to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya @ Eid Mubarak! Maaf Zahir & Batin.. Harap2 tak terlambat lah ek.. Taktau lah nak tulis apa.. Gambar2 kat bawah ni semua event masa bulan ramadhan, raya and recently kitorang buat advance party for suraya sebab she wanted a bday party.. dia sendiri mintak nak cake Thomas.. baloons.. So mommy&daddy dengan suka hatinya buat party in advanced takut nanti bersalin dah tak larat buat party.Wiwon and titok pon just arrived a day before Cuyaya's bday.. meriah la party.. Also thank you to MakLong & CikNa for helping us to make the party happened..

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